Banking & Corporate Finance

Banking & Corporate Finance

We represent our clients in a comprehensive range of syndicated and bilateral finance transactions including credit & liquidity facilities, debt conversion, project finance, trade finance, capital market transactions, insolvency& recovery, and collective investment securities.  Our Corporate finance team provides expert advice on bank & customer relationship, loan documentation, project financing, compliance with regulations, debt securitization, bankruptcy & receivership, debentures, licensing & registration, corporate documentation, mortgages & charges and general legal advisory.

We also prepare various legal documentation including sale & lease contracts, joint venture shareholders agreement, trade finance agreements and foreign exchange contracts.

Our clients consist of banks & financial institutions, financial advisers, corporate borrowers/creditors and lenders, local and foreign investors.  They appreciate our expertise in deftly navigating complex transactions of the global market and rely on us to provide legal and regulatory support needed to execute their diverse transactions.

We have skilled experts in the insurance sector to advice on insurance issues in various industries including oil & gas, shipping & maritime, construction, health, telecommunications, aviation, transportation, etc.

Our profound knowledge of corporate, commercial and tax regulations coupled with our relationship with financial institutions, asset managers, investors and key industry professionals always ensure a swift and effective achievement of our clients, business goals.